Recessed Ceiling Tiles

  • 600 x 600 recessed WAP ceiling tile.
  • Tile simply drops into ceiling grid like a normal tile or can be adapted to fit into a Gyproc ceiling with suitable fixings.
  • Tile can be supplied with or without covers. These covers can be clear or opaque.
  • Ceiling tiles widely used in mental health facilities throughout Queensland health as they provide a simple anti-ligature solution for an installed WAP and patch lead.
  • Ceiling tiles are also widely used in “clean room” environments such as theatres, Oncology and burns units where an accumulation of dust on a flat surface (top of the WAP) is undesirable and can cause infection control issues. The WAP sits within the tile under the cover and therefore removes this issue.
  • The WAP tile is also used for security reasons. WAP devices are not a cheap item and instead of being in full view can be installed within the tiles and be less conspicuous.
  • Aesthetics, in a new office environment. Instead of WAP devices and patch leads hanging from newly installed ceiling tiles or plasterboard.
  • The devices can be neatly hidden in an inconspicuous tile.

External Enclosures

  • External enclosures are used in various campus or adjacent building environments.
  • Various size enclosures can accommodate various WAP manufacturers and designs.
  • Installed for security reasons in many public areas and can be fitted with a multitude of security screws to protect against theft and unwanted tampering.
  • Installed in mental health facilities removing any access to ligature points.
  • IP rated boxes with clear or solid colour lids.

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