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Redland Hospital IEMR Digital Hospitals Project (December 2017- Ongoing)

Installation of 900 cat 6a shielded Siemon outlets throughout the hospital campus all for new IEMR devices and wireless devices.

Installation of 10 only OS2 12 core fibre links. Including internal and external fibres.

These fibres were transitioned from external to internal as per QH standards where they entered the building.

All wireless device information captured prior to NCH install (Mac Address/Serial number/Asset numbers etc.) supplied on generated spread sheet.

Installation of 2200m of Cable basket for new main pathways throughout hospital.

This project also had an extremely short time frame of 8 weeks. There were 2 of teams working a day and a night shift to ensure targets were met.

Project RCDD audited on going during the installation to ensure QH standards met.

NCH Electrical has the following endorsed certifications

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